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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Inorganic Colloids for Electrochemical Energy storage– Professor Dr. Josef Breu

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Research topics

Synthesis of Nano-, Micron-, Nano/Micron-scale Functional Materials

Synthesis of functional materials in nano-, micron-, and nano/micron-scale is highly integral for various applications. In our group, we are striving to synthesize such functional materials based on organic and inorganic chemistry methods, as well as further optimization enabled by engineering and processing. Upon successful synthesis, various parameters (such as porosity, surface area, and morphology) of materials can be further optimized, suitable for the specific target of application that one is aiming for.

Optimization of Performance for Energy Storage and Energy Conversion

As a main focus of our group, we are also conducting a number of researches to improve various parameters of components for energy storage (metal-ion, metal-air, solid-state batteries) and energy conversion (energy harvesting) by adopting fundamentally different materials/chemical approach to it. As both energy storage and energy conversion applications should be in line with the industrial needs, we are also trying to provide solutions that are not only academic/fundamental but also practical, low cost, and scalable.


Development and Employment of in situ Analytical Techniques for Energy Storage & Conversion

Alongside the synthesis of nano-, micron-, and nano/micron-scale materials, it is also important to analyze the dynamical changes that take place for materials when they are charged or discharged (energy storage) or when they are converted and relapsed (energy conversion). As part of collaboration and within our group, we have developed and tried to employ various kinds of in situ analytical tools, ranging from novel in situ TEM to in situ XRD, which can be adopted to further investigate the structural and morphological evolution of various materials for energy storage and conversion.

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