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Chair of Inorganic Colloids for Electrochemical Energy storage– Professor Dr. Josef Breu

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MOPS (Microporous Organically Pillared Silicates)


The intercalation of cationic spacers (pillars) into layered silicate yields shape and stereo selective microporous hybrid materials (MOPS). In recent studies the selectivity could be enhanced by a simple fine-graded variation of the charge density of our layered silicates. As a result a new type of selective gate opening could be observed with concomitant breathing of the structure. This will be applied to seperate gas-mixtures relevant for the renewable energy economy.


The selectivity observed for MOPS in the physisorption are based on tiny energy differences of the pore-substrate interaction that is also useable for chiral separation. This way the potential of these materials will be exploited for enantioselective and simultaneously size-selective catalysis in the micropore space (e.g. C-C-coupling).

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