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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Chair of Inorganic Colloids for Electrochemical Energy storage– Professor Dr. Josef Breu

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Mesostructured Transition Metal Composites

With tailor-made 1D polyelectrolytical templates mechanically and thermally stable mesoporous transition metal compounds can be synthesized. Confinement to low dimensionality allows for annealing at high temperatures in various atmospheres to obtain crystalline, low-defect, refractory catalysts while preserving high surface area because Ostwald ripening is hampered.

While the focus in our group is structuring aspects, the materials obtained are tested for different reactios like methanol synthesis (Cu/ZnO), ammoniac splitting (MoN), photochemical detoxification of waste-water (ZnO, Fe2O3) and water splitting (Mössbauerite).

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