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2nd Generation Layered Silicates as Multifunctional Fillers in Polymer Blends

Multifunctional Flame Retardants

The superior performance of 2nd generation synthetic layered silicates over natural clay minerals for improving various properties. (Young’s modulus, fracture toughness, barrier) as fillers in nanocomposites could already be proven. We now strive for multifunctional modes of action, e.g. the combination of increasing the fracture toughness and flame retardancy.

Multifunctional Flame Retardants

Multifunctional flame retardants

By simultaneous fixation of an aluminium (oxy)hydroxide and a P/N based molecular flame retardant in the interlayer of the synthetic layered silicate, three different flame retardancy mechanisms (reinforcement of the char, cooling by endothermal degradation, radical scavenging) are incorporated in one single filler material.

High Barrier Coating

High barrier coatings for technological applications

Highly filled (> 10 vol.%) nanocomposites will function as high barrier coatings that meet the technical specifications of encapsulations for optoelectronic components or as permeability barrier for hydrogen tanks.

Janus-type Layered Silicates for toughening Polymer Blends

Double stacks of layered silicates can easily be converted in Janus-plateles. They are used as Pickering emulsifiers to obtain armored emulsions. They are then used to toughen polymer blends.

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